Areas of Supervision

I am interested in all areas of the comparative study of executive politics. This includes the study of the organisation and instruments of government, especially in the context of regulation.

Current Research Students
Francesca Boldrini
Ekaterina Glyniadaki
Miran Norderland
ée Papiasse

Graduated Research Students
Philip Kessler (Reinventing the Economic Constitution: How and Why Competition Authorities in Western Europe Have Turned to Cooperative Enforcement Styles, 2019)
Trent Maul (
Centred: Turf-Battles and the Pursuit of Collaboration in the US National Intelligence Centres, 2018)
Natalie Beinisch (
Making it Work: The Development and Evolution of Transnational Labour Regulation, 2017)
Izabela Correa (
Unveiled to Regulate: The Logics and the Trajectories of Regulatory Transparency Politics, 2017)
Flavia Donadelli (
Reaping the Seeds of Discord: Advocacy coalitions and changes in Brazilian Environmental Regulation, 2017)
Slobodan Tomic (
Explaining Enforcement Patterns of Anti-Corruption Agencies: Comparative Analysis of Five Serbian, Croatian and Macedonian Anti-Corruption Agencies, 2016)
Irina Iordachescu (
Who Runs the Radio Commons? The Role of Strategic Associations in Governing Transnational Common Pool Resources, 2015)
Eva Heims (
Managing European Risks without a European State, 2014)
May Chu (
The Internationalisation of Regulation: A Comparative Case Study of Food Regulation in China, 2014)
Johannes Wolff (
Enhanced Rationalisation, Control or Coordination? Impact Assessments in the European Union, 2012)
Simon Bastow (
Overcrowded as Normal: Chronic Capacity Stress in English Prisons, 2012)
Jose Olivas Osuna (
Civilian Control of the Military in Portugal and Spain: A Policy Instruments Approach, 2012)
Thomas Sowers (
Nanomangement - Professional Autonomy and Control in Conflict: US and British Army mid-level officers in Iraq, 2011)
Cecile Hoareau (
Does Deliberation Matter? The impact of the Bologna Process on attitudes and policies in European higher education, 2010)
Nao Kodate (
Institutional Logics and Responsive Government: Hospital Sector Reforms in England, Japan and Sweden, 1990-2006, 2008)
Elena Bechberger (
Regaining Control of Social Budgets: Fiscal Commitment and Social Insurance Reform and Germany, 1990-2005, 2007)
Christine Jojarth (
Between Crime and War: Illicit Flows and the Institutional Design of International Policy Responses, 2005)
Vijayakala Seevaratnam (
Governing the Shipyards: Europeanisation and the German Shipbuilding Industry, 2004)