My research interests are in the area of Executive Politics and Regulation.

My current research is focused on three key themes:

- the study of Public Service Bargains in different contexts, in particular in the setting of the Commonwealth Caribbean (with Lindsay Stirton and Kim Moloney)

- the study of regulatory instruments and approaches in the OECD and non-OECD world as part of CARR’s ‘Regulation in Crisis?’ theme

- the study of transboundary crisis management capacity as part of the TransCrisis project

I contribute to the following courses at the LSE:

GV263 Public Policy Analysis
GV312 Advanced Topics in Government: Executive Politics
GV4E9 Themes and Issues in Public Policy and Administration
GV483 Public Management Theory and Doctrine
GV488 Law and Politics of Regulation
GV515 Researching People, Politics and Organisations