These are some of my publications (full list is available here). View list generated by ORCID.

Oxford Handbook of Classics in Public Policy and Administration (edited with Steven Balla and Ed Page), Oxford, Oxford University Press (2015)

Problem-Solving Capacity of the Modern State
(co-edited with Kai Wegrich), Oxford, Oxford University Press (2014).

Hertie Governance Report 2014
, Oxford, Oxford University Press (2014).

Political Science Research Methods in Action
(co-edited with Michael Bruter), Basingstoke, Palgrave (2013).

Managing Regulation
(with Kai Wegrich), Basingstoke, Palgrave (2012).

Executive Politics in an Age of Crisis (edited with Kai Wegrich), Basingstoke, Palgrave (2012).

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Oxford Handbook of Regulation (edited with Robert Baldwin and Martin Cave), Oxford, Oxford University Press (2010).

The Politics of Public Service Bargains (with Christopher Hood), Oxford: Oxford University Press (2006).

Regulatory Innovation: A Comparative Analysis (edited with Julia Black and Mark Thatcher), Cheltenham, Edward Elgar (2005).

On Different Tracks: Designing Railway Regulation in Britain and Germany, Westport, CT: Praeger (2002).

Journal articles (since 2012)

‘Reputation and Accountability Relationships: Managing Accountability Expectations through through Reputation’ (with Madalina Busuioc), Public Administration Review, 77(1), January 2017, pp. 91-100.

‘What is Regulation? An Interdisciplinary Concept Analysis’ (with Christel Koop) Regulation & Governance, 11(1), March 2017: 95-108.

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‘Into the Age of Multiple Austerities? Public Management and Public Service Bargains in OECD-World’, (with Christopher Hood) Governance, vol. 25(1), January 2012, pp. 79-101.

Select book chapters (since 2012)

‘Drifting Away on the Switching Yard? The Politics of Financial Consolidation in Germany’ (with Kai Wegrich), in C. Hood, D. Heald and R. Himaz (ends) When the Party’s Over: The Politics of Fiscal Squeeze in Perspective, London, British Academy/Oxford University Press.

‘The Olympic Games: Coping with Risk and Vulnerabilities of a Mega-Event’ (with Will Jennings) in I. Helsloot, A. Boin, B. Jacobs, and L. Comfort (eds) Mega-Crises, Springfield, IL, CC Thomas (August 2012).

‘Rewards at the top in UK central government’, in M. Brans and BG Peters (eds) Rewards for High Political Office in Europe and Northern America, London, Routledge (June 2012).

‘Introduction: Executive Politics in Times of Crisis’ (with Kai Wegrich) in M. Lodge and K. Wegrich (eds) Executive Politics in an Age of Crisis, Basingstoke, Palgrave (May 2012).

‘Executive Politics and Policy Instruments’ (with Kai Wegrich) in M. Lodge and K. Wegrich (eds) Executive Politics in an Age of Crisis, Basingstoke, Palgrave (May 2012).

‘Conclusion: Executive Politics in a Changing Climate’ in M. Lodge and K. Wegrich (eds) Executive Politics in an Age of Crisis, Basingstoke, Palgrave (May 2012).